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  • Project Moth
    Project Moth

    funnily enough I got a Kia ev6 preroll on this video

  • Jeffrey Decker
    Jeffrey Decker

    My favorite thing about modern Ferraris is the turn signals on the wheel. It makes it fun to use the turn signal. For that reason alone I like the yoke. I think I could get used to it.

  • Bob Hawkey
    Bob Hawkey

    Gonna be interesting when you have a 32ft travel trailer on the hitch and want to locate a 'pull through' charger.

  • moha spyder
    moha spyder

    Hi. Where can i get it apple watch band like the one u have it white and red? Plz answer 2 me

  • Deragun

    Q: How many Lbs does it weigh? MKBHD : It's Over 9000!!!

  • Lazy Islander
    Lazy Islander

    For a car this expensive why didnt they use the roof as a solar panel instead

  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un

    I use my oppo find x2 pro now for a year and i never had a accidental touch because of the curved display ever. I love curved displays. I would have gone for the vivo nex 3 if it had more then a 60hz display.

  • F.J

    FJ Cruiser: -_-

  • DJJumpdancer

    the front doesn't look like a hummer they need to change it

  • Alexander Carpenter
    Alexander Carpenter

    This looks amazing. Much better than anything else. No contest against cybertruck, just that much better. Thought an electric hummer was odd at first but damn did they deliver

  • aroguejordan

    They Got us all hyped for a fake ass paper drop smh

  • Pawan Kumar
    Pawan Kumar

    the hummer EV is really wide does it fit in a normal parking spot 😅

  • Stefan Ravn
    Stefan Ravn

    looks very plastic-ish

  • Omar Garcia
    Omar Garcia

    The useless ravioli optionally complain because shape objectively spark above a flippant decimal. regular, grouchy attempt

  • Varun Gowda
    Varun Gowda

    can we game on macbook pro 13 m1 like minecraft, fortnite, valorant rocket league fifa 21 and 22 and other battle royale games and tripple a games such as Halo COD and GTA

  • DD bhaha
    DD bhaha

    4000 kg vehicle to move around 100 kg person. Very green...

  • Varun Gowda
    Varun Gowda

    can we game on macbook pro 13 m1 like minecraft, fortnite, valorant rocket league fifa 21 and 22 and other battle royale games and tripple a games such as Halo COD and GTA

  • Atharv Nityam
    Atharv Nityam

    GLAD LTwhite recommended ME THIS AFTER ALL THESE YEARS !

  • Brent Smithline
    Brent Smithline

    Not a truck person. Liked the look of the Hummer. My views are somewhat shaded by my late father. I went to Fort Vancouver High School, and was a "Trapper", and my late father was an actual fur trapper. He always drove a basic pickup truck. Told me son the most important thing is your vehicle get you from point A to point B as reliably as possible. Both he, and my late mother grew up in the Great Depression era so every vehicle they ever owned was as basic as possible.

  • Bo-Laurids Jähde
    Bo-Laurids Jähde

    what a MIND BLOWING vehicle!

  • Airbus320

    Looks sick 🔥

  • Jean Paul Almeida
    Jean Paul Almeida

    You are the best reviewer ever! A BIG HI from Sweden :)

  • sashi castaneda
    sashi castaneda

    I’m pretty new to his channel and for the longest I have never understood what he says at the beginning “hey it’s ……….. here” i try to listen close but he literally is not saying his name what is he saying??????????

    • Obstone

      At the beginning he says 'hey it's MKBHD here'. Its kind of like an alternative name that he made himself. M, K, and B stand for Marques K Brownlee. The HD in the end is there because he likes pixels. Thats what i got from a google search.

  • Larry Phenis
    Larry Phenis

    Should be shaped liked Jeff Bezos space ship.

  • Hasan Khater
    Hasan Khater

    I think GM is full of $#|+ the acceleration 0-60 will be like 5+ seconds when it hits the production line.

  • Amer Tarhini
    Amer Tarhini

    Tesla really needs to step up their game if they're planning on staying in business.

  • Neletino Jokanovic
    Neletino Jokanovic

    4tones for offroad. Not sure :)

  • Cyman Chili
    Cyman Chili

    I've always thought of Hummers as the most useless and ugly cars (before Tesla's Cybertruck was revealed), one could buy (especially if you don't live in a huge country like the US or Canada where the roads and parkings are big enough for such a monster (I always have to laugh when I see that guy in my Tokyo neighborhood driving around with one - it just looks obnoxiously big for the tiny roads here). However, seeing the HEV, for the first time I really like a Hummer. I would totally get one, use it as a camper and drive around Japan. In fact, some apartments in Tokyo are probably smaller on the inside than that car. And thinking about the rent, you would probably be better off buying one of these trucks and live in them. 😂

  • 0 0
    0 0

    i was dying when dude started talking about the number of Hummer logos.... 😆 yea it's a bit tacky when there's the word Hummer and then a logo right by it

  • Tjimi Cole
    Tjimi Cole

    Not a hummer fan. This vehicle looks amazing.

  • Aniket Pal
    Aniket Pal

    That zoom in effect was dope 🔥🔥

  • The Real BR
    The Real BR

    Ford Lightning = Everyday use, standard vehicle Hummer = Utility, luxury, rugged Cyber Truck = completely worthless, stupid

  • Chabangarang

    Its over 9000!!!!

  • Z R Y X E
    Z R Y X E


  • sritej manda
    sritej manda

    Over 9000 pounds! Dbz anyone?

  • Jon Green
    Jon Green

    It’s funny how they still have the worthless and pointless silent switch.

  • Abinav

    Did marques borrow pants from Hayato!?

  • napoleon

    I'm totally Mr Toad over the G9

  • Theo Lespouridis
    Theo Lespouridis

    It seems to me that both the Ford lighting and hummer ev makes the cyber truck look silly when it comes to trucks. I personally like them both better than the Tesla. Why don’t you make a truck check list to see who hits the most checks. The badging on the ev might be 10% more than most vehicles no big deal. You used the work quarks instead of features, are you implementing that these things are bad?

  • Skullkrane Entertainment
    Skullkrane Entertainment

    Hummer has always been my dream car. These are amazing, but very costly! 🤑

  • Saurabh Khurana
    Saurabh Khurana

    Turn Down 09:32

  • nabila huda
    nabila huda

    I agree about the muscle memory thing so Im just gonna say that the steering wheel is trash and bring shift stick back. Swiping on screen is just too much work for hand-eyes coordination

  • sanjay s
    sanjay s

    if that thing hits a pedestrian, its over !!!!!!!!!! edit: i mean 0-60 in 3 sec !

  • Miguel Juarez
    Miguel Juarez

    I feel like I can’t afford it

  • Nomad Adventures
    Nomad Adventures

    The act of driving is changing, and soon people will find most cars of 2021 to be overcrowded, overcomplicated, and low tech. The yolk reveals a co-pilot type of driving that will permeate in all vehicles. Enjoy the learning curve. Slow adjusters, most of them, won't even own their own cars anyway.

  • TheIggyTech

    Everything wrong with American excess, all wrapped into a 9000lb behemoth. Really nothing's changed about the Hummer, it's just battery powered now.

  • cem65305

    But no video of you driving. Do better

  • Aryaman Jain
    Aryaman Jain

    Its a good day when Marques posts a video on both his channels

  • Ameya Dandgawhane
    Ameya Dandgawhane

    It's weight!!!! It's over 9000!!!!!

  • ッSoapy

    They better give free AirPods if they take the ports away

  • G20 van lol
    G20 van lol

    Doug Demuro pulled a reverse Michael Jackson

  • Jakob

    C'mon the USA has never been on the moon.. why are your trying MKBHD, we all saw how that flag waved..:P Though the jury is still out if the earth is flat, and these big diamonds on the moon that some call reflectors obviously came back in 1958 with Carl Sagen and his A119 project where they nuked the moon and created big diamonds.. don't pop my make-believe ballon, just don't. Hummers' biggest problem is the rep it has with the likes of H2 etc., as a Male p3nis extender, and it looked hilarious when a litle dude came driving in one of these H2.-. Though these one's does look better and more loyal to the old H1

  • Mattia Gentile
    Mattia Gentile

    Making roads safer by the day I see.

  • Pops Pop
    Pops Pop

    Garbage 🗑

  • randomnickify

    'They are clearly proud its American car'... I wonder how many parts is Made in China :)

  • noam moses
    noam moses


  • PhilMinecraft

    who's here because of samtime? 😂

  • ScreaminEmu


  • Savage Banga
    Savage Banga

    Every electric car that came out so far is way better than what Tesla has. Not sure what’s the deal with the fanboys.

    • randomnickify

      While what you said is generaly true without tesla and its fanboys this cars would most likely not existed. Tesla prove electric cars can be cool and it's fanbase created market other brands trying to cash in. Without tesla we will be stuck with gaz guzzlers on burning planet.

  • Benjamin Bixby
    Benjamin Bixby

    With that weight I wouldn't be surprised in an event of a roll over those pillars crush and occupants are bye bye.

  • fitfirst

    Since when does this nerd know anything about cars

  • Luis Ramos
    Luis Ramos

    that attention to detail though!!!

  • Blake Strother
    Blake Strother

    Is it just me or do the bodies of these look like a mid 2000s Honda Pilot or ridgeline?

  • Joseph M. Homoky, DMD
    Joseph M. Homoky, DMD

    Great review! I agree to having actual buttons one could feel without having to look at the yoke. But, muscle learning and memory may prevail?? Looking forward to your update on this.

  • comanderfappi

    I have to say, looking at this buds I'm really glad that I bought the Fill T1 lite. It cost me 30 bucks, and the only two things that it doesn't have is noise cancelation and wireless charging. But te touch functions are more complete, the sound stage is pretty good is IPx7 and gets easy 7 hours of use, with the case extending this to more 36. Idk man, for me the difference of price is not worth

  • M___

    I think of Hummer owners as two types of people. The type that uses the Hummer as a tool using its towing and off-roading capabilities. Or the type of owner that bought a Hummer in the early 2000s when they bought them as a sort of status symbol and to make an impression on onlookers. I think making the Hummer an EV kind of targets both these demographics.

  • emmanuel quiroz
    emmanuel quiroz

    If they decide to go port-less what about the people who have stereo systems and connect to the car stereos through the port for Apple play

  • William Drijver
    William Drijver

    In many European countries you would need a semi or 18 wheeler driving license to operate one of these. GM going a bit overboard on the dimensions I guess.

  • Nicole

    I wanted to hear more about the Red Alert scenario they had and dealing with it at 2 am! 🥴 Need to find out how does one get a Tour with Elon. Would be insane to see inside Tesla!!

  • Kingofwale1

    instead of storage inside the seat.. why not just make them thinner so there are overall more space??

  • P Kl
    P Kl


  • Zayaan Zakir
    Zayaan Zakir

    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Take my money! 😂

  • Mohan Babu
    Mohan Babu

    Anyone after Madan Gowri video?

  • Arush Kharbanda
    Arush Kharbanda

    After watching the studio tour on his new channel (MUST SUBSCRIBE) the places look more familiar and interesting.

  • Farhan Jan
    Farhan Jan

    5:20 I mean wow

  • TLDR Infographics
    TLDR Infographics

    So what’s that in Doug score

  • Creative Assistance
    Creative Assistance

    if you look close you can't see the electric cords powering them. nor them driving more than a few feet.. show us that 0-60 in 3...