Apple vs The Paradox of Choice!
How Apple kills entire companies with the flip of 1 switch.


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  • Marques Brownlee
    Marques Brownlee

    To continue to learn way more about sharks! -->

    • Daveed Wells
      Daveed Wells

      Yes I agree 💯💪🏾 that they should change and that apple is one of the popular companys

    • Daveed Wells
      Daveed Wells

      Yes I get it if people get paradox the customer expect them to be better than apple and if apple out more things in people are going to go with apple then paradox will sell out and be out of business

    • sreamwalker24

      I really like to think of you as a responsible Tech reviewer how come no one is mentioning the fact is that if Apple keeps the air tags exclusively for Apple then all Apple customers can now stock any Android user without them knowing and jerry-rig everything showed that the speaker can easily be removed so the beeping after 3 days is meaningless this area of the industry needs to be regulated by the government anybody who cannot access the find my app are now potential victims of being stalked

    • Kaff231

      Love this video really makes you think about choices we have yet somehow we can be so predictable

    • T R
      T R

      @anto k That is my #1 question, this is a stalking tool made super easy and cheap. All privacy is gone, not by only these trackers, but technology in general.

  • xsystemOne 234
    xsystemOne 234

    I am happy that I get to use a well thought out product that integrates well with other products I own. It is better than buying a product from dell, samsung, sony where even their own apps do not integrate well with their hardware. Try using the dell mobile connect app for dell laptops with ios or android phone. It is crap.

  • xsystemOne 234
    xsystemOne 234

    @Marques Brownlee, I still use duet display with my late 2013 rMBP because sidecar is not supported.

  • Carlos Sales
    Carlos Sales

    absolutely agree with your analogy which applies not only to Apple, but it's a great example for understanding the point.

  • Tim Saylor
    Tim Saylor

    Is it not illegal for Apple to steal patented ideas? I'm confused

  • Hawaii Bow hunting
    Hawaii Bow hunting

    Is that a giant AirPod on your desk?

  • Martin Barritt
    Martin Barritt

    This video earned my subscription. I have been toying with the idea of ditching Windows and going all in with Apple… especially after the release of the M1 MacBook and Mac Mini…. but this video has given me a moment to pause that decision. I too feel the alluring draw to fully embrace the Apple eco system… But what am I giving up in doing so🤔

  • Sooryaunshu Mulawkar
    Sooryaunshu Mulawkar

    Random rant- I absolutely hate the iphone calculator app, and there's no good alternative on the app store either. Google's calculator is perfection

  • John Sormani
    John Sormani

    Nice Philosophical video. I think the border is crossed when apple just copies the idea or feature without any compensation just because they can afford more expensive lawyers. They have bought many technology companies to be able to implement certain technologies in their os or what is even worse: they bought certain technology to prevent others to benefit from these developments. By doing that they killed many companies that were customers of such platforms as well. This happened to many startups that were into AR for instance. Apple didn’t have anything, became jealous, bought some groundbreaking AR companies ( like Junaio)and put them on the shelf. AR was pretty much dead and a few years because of that later apple implemented it in IOS , killing off the rest of the still existing AR companies.

  • Sven Reinck
    Sven Reinck

    I wouldn’t blame Apple for taking an idea like the flashlight app and making it more convenient for the user…


    I have one word for you, accompanied by a gesture: “Expensive 🤙🤑”

  • Sarah Brady
    Sarah Brady

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  • Emmanuel Richards
    Emmanuel Richards

    This was a great video of big cooperation killing off other companies or small business

  • Cheick Konaté
    Cheick Konaté

    They’re stealing people ideas 💡

  • Safikul Anonto
    Safikul Anonto

    *We’ll Like SuperMarkets Don’t We?* Because, We can Get Everything in Place! as simple as that!

  • Safikul Anonto
    Safikul Anonto

    In order stay on the First Row, You Sometimes have to Let go of “Remora”! “Nokia didn’t, & They Lost Their Phone Business” that’s how the windows has been doing the whole the time! * There youtuber(Daves’s Garage) he was a software engineer at “Microsoft”. He’s the creator of “Task Manager” & “WinZip” The winzip was his side Project, which he used to sell differently! Then he got a call from “Microsoft” that they want buy his software, But they didn’t have clue about the Developer of the Software works for “Microsoft”. He did sold his Software.

  • Joselo

    Cydia was killed by Apple… the AppStore 😔

  • randy timson
    randy timson

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  • Richard G
    Richard G

    Tbh for me, the only thing I actually care about from apple is the tablets, phones, and air pods. Other than that I don’t care what they make so to me, as a I guess “apple consumer”, I’m one of the few people who doesnt buy everything new that apple drops for ex air tags or AirPods pro max. And no it’s not because I can’t afford it, i just don’t care or have a necessity for them. So if anything I guess I’m slightly helping the competition by not buying anything lol

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith

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  • Gibby

    So basically Apple is the nicest villain ever

  • tukaidea

    What about a calculator in iPad?

  • Rom

    This is just an easy to understand example of the problems with late capitalism and monopolies. Which is fantastic, more people need to know about this stuff without feeling like they’re being lectured.

  • ETBonifacio ?
    ETBonifacio ?

    Maybe it's because of the brand.

  • iTrolixxs Master
    iTrolixxs Master

    Software companies:make a thing for apple Apple:dose that but with an advantage Software company:your playing unfair cheater your makeing them pick you Apple:no they can choose which one they want

  • Royal Kenny
    Royal Kenny

    Apple have already too much power, so much that they can be seen as a part of the American government, for in the beginning there was IBM that was the evil company eating and destroying companies, but governments made it all come to an end and IBM is no more, then there was Microsoft that did try to use their power to control how folk used the web, and governments sat a stop for that; now it is Apple and Apple do what Apple want and no government want to step in, the only way Apple can be stopped is by Google or what company that actually is ABC, illuminati, the Aliens or THEY :D

  • Nick Scott
    Nick Scott

    The difference is that people choose to start “remora” companies, companies whose entire success is predicated on creating a new product for someone else’s platform. In choosing to start these businesses, competition with the platform’s parent company should always be considered a threat and even a symptom of success, one that every startup looking to make an app or product for apple or windows or android platforms knows exists

  • anonymous5401

    remember when Apples Iphone slogan used to be "theres an app for that"

  • Zach T
    Zach T

    I’d basically tell people not to start Remora companies. After seeing what Watch did to FitBit, I saw this. Apple has the resources to do it better than any small company ever could and will have better integration.I never had interest in Tile but the Apple ones I’d be into.

  • vinniesins

    apple are sneaky i hate them - comment from iphone 11

  • BenjamUniverse

    i remember when the 1st iphone came out. the conference was mezmorizing. and i was at work. lots of oh shits going around.

  • Marc Grammer
    Marc Grammer

    So basically we should just except the inevitability that there are monopoly and a piece of shit and just deal with it that doesn’t sound appealing to me. Not to mention their computers are way over priced for what you can build.

  • That Guy Joss
    That Guy Joss

    I'd switch it apple if the apple watch had a bezel

  • duey

    Back in the day, like 20 years ago, I used to use a Mac OS “app” (back then I don’t even think “apps” were a thing) called Quicksilver, which was really slick. It was essentially what Spotlight became, although Quicksilver actually had some functionality that spotlight doesn’t. Anyway, maybe Watson ripped off Quicksilver.

  • Gavin Olsen
    Gavin Olsen

    Wait till Spotify becomes one of Apple’s fish…

  • Max G
    Max G

    The fun part is Marques Brownlee is the shark of the tech you tubers killing a bit more the channels of other starting you tubers. That is the world we live in.

  • Max G
    Max G

    I have 2000 AAPL shares. Never bought an iPhone Never bought an Apple Watch Bought an iPod touch 1st gen in 2009. Bought an iPad for my company in 2019. I hate the way this company traps it’s consumers. But it is unfortunately the best investment and safest one can ever make. Now I need to replace the broken screen if an iPhone X a friend didn’t need anymore and gave to me because he is trapped in the ecosystem and it has no more trade in value. Will switch from my Motorola MotoG and will regret

  • William Bateman
    William Bateman

    It's Tile's fault for not trying to create a better product than what Apple puts out. It's basic business sense to plan your product to stand out against the competition. The fact that they're close in price to the AirTags makes their product nearly pointless. They need to go back to the drawing board.

  • Eintracht513

    I gotta be honest.. I always loved the ecosystem of apples devices, as it really makes things more easy and intuitive. But now that I watched this video, I am questioning my past decision making.

  • MissMyMusicAddiction

    Passport had this wild idea a decade ago - an app that runs on your phone and connects to one of their radar detectors via a special cable. When you hit a button on the detector, everyone else who had the app knew that there was an officer in that spot. Then Waze came along.

  • Aron Dencker
    Aron Dencker

    you forgot to mention beats in the companies that apple destroyed. They bought them, stole the designers, made the air pods series and left beats to release sub par earphones at the back of the store for the rest of time. You can choose the air pods, with many features and seamless use, or you can choose the more expensive, worse sounding and less user friendly earphones. your choice. 10/10 destruction

  • NathanOnWheels

    “You know those fish…” *checks to make sure what channel I’m watching*

  • Origami Dude
    Origami Dude

    In iOS 15, if you remember, you can hold onto a photo and you can identify a plant, animal or other things, but there were apps in replacement before iOS 15

  • Nocturnal Pyro
    Nocturnal Pyro

    so just because someone else makes a quality of life app for iphone or mac means that Apple shouldn't keep making their own product better?

  • Abhay Jogiya
    Abhay Jogiya

    Technically, Apple didn't do anything wrong. But what happened to other companies is wrong too. So, as Marcus said, there's not a "correct" way.

  • Fity Bux
    Fity Bux

    And if the shark ever needs a snack, it's just right there. YUM!

  • Car Bitch
    Car Bitch

    literally got rid of my tiles for airtags.... 😬

  • W!lson Scenes TV
    W!lson Scenes TV

    This is cool! I think this is inspiring! This is one of the recommended in my home page. ⏱️✅This is such a great idea~ This content makes me interested in your other hard work! 👍🏻 Apple vs The Paradox of Choice ! 👀⏱️🔥

  • Elliot Ma
    Elliot Ma

    This is why I don't like apple

  • Gerald Tivatyi
    Gerald Tivatyi

    I have loved your videos for a very long time. But I just got a light bulb while watching this video that I have a deep appreciation for your content. Its just brilliant. Respect!!!


    The Magic Mouse charging in the back reminds me of when Apple just won't budge to fix something that people want to be fixed 😁

  • Vangelina Barrow
    Vangelina Barrow

    This made me think of Facebooks current issues with apple… is apple looking to make their own social network thing🤔 and pushing fb out in prep?

  • the waffle
    the waffle

    Paradox of choice more like monopoly that's been the system the whole time.

  • JigglyPKMN

    Following the initial analogy, the repair conscious consumer would be the scuba diver.

  • Kolin Martz
    Kolin Martz

    Apple has to keep the competition around because they can kill them all if they choose to. But that would also trigger some anti trust protocols and cause apple to be killed off.

  • Ben

    Marques just casually scrolling thru his hundreds of devices 😂

  • In4 Mation
    In4 Mation

    title couldn’t copyright anything ?

    • In4 Mation
      In4 Mation


  • Andrew Stevenson
    Andrew Stevenson

    Came for the tech video Stayed for the discovery channel

  • Justin L
    Justin L

    One take on this is when apple makes something like the iPhone they patent it. The companies who build these ideas could patent their accessories for the iPhone, and if apple wanted to make it first party they would have to pay the company royalties or something? I know this would start a patent war which our current system has already proven unable to resolve 'real innovation' to 'it looks different'... but idk it's a hard question. I still think though if you were first to the market on an idea for the iPhone apple shouldn't just be able to take your idea and make it in house for free.

    • Lepi Doptera
      Lepi Doptera

      @Justin L The anti-trust issue is real. Agreed. The problem with Apple is not that they have the iPhone. It's that they have the iPhone, iTunes and now Apple TV. Although, the elephant in the media room might be Disney, actually.

    • Justin L
      Justin L

      @Lepi Doptera You are right, pharmaceutical's have a pretty good patent system... tech is the sector with problems. Amazon for example patented a "one click to checkout button"... l Like what? How is a button on a website worth a patent? Anyhow pretty much all the tech companies are facing anti-trust lawsuits of some kind. My desire as a consumer is that they are all forced to compete and stay innovative. Guess we'll see what the courts say.

    • Lepi Doptera
      Lepi Doptera

      @Justin L I can assure you that there are plenty of patents that do not get infringed easily. The pharmaceutical industry, for instance, takes patents extremely seriously and infringing a pharmaceutical patent will usually get you absolutely nothing but a lawsuit. Things like TAG, of course, are basically just frivolous. There is no patentable technology there. Not even the business process is worth a dime. Apple's table, your legs. Not sure what you don't understand about that? It just seems to me that you are emotionally way too engaged with Apple's business.

    • Justin L
      Justin L

      @Lepi Doptera I don't know if TAG had patents on their idea or not, but I agree if they didn't patent their idea it was a mistake by their legal team. However tech patents are honestly kind of a joke. Everyone infringes on everyone, and you just side dance around enough not to get 'caught'. This isn't a problem with apple, it's a problem with the industry as they all do it. I didn't say apple shouldn't charge for use of their app store. When did I imply that? I said this is evolving into an interesting situation where Apple has so much 3rd party working on app ideas, they seem to be taking the ones that work the best and integrating it into their own system, while handicapping the competition. Like google chrome for example can't even make an actual 'chrome' on iphone. It's just a shell of safari re-branded because that's all apple allows. Seems anti-competitive. The point of our free market is to encourage growth and innovation, if apple builds a system that hurts developers who helped apple the most (like TAG in the video) apple's in the wrong for that. Also what makes me sound jealous? I'm curious how you came to that conclusion when I'm just trying to figure out where I stand on the matter.

    • Lepi Doptera
      Lepi Doptera

      @Justin L I don't know what that is supposed to mean. If Apple has valid patents, then there is nothing anybody can do about that. If they don't have valid patents, then any good IP law firm can attack them and win. That's no different from any other company. Does Apple charge for the use of their platform? Yes, they do. Why would they not? They created the market, so the ripe fruit is theirs. You sound jealous.

  • F.J.Holdaway

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game (the game is capitalism)

    • Lepi Doptera
      Lepi Doptera

      How would any of this be better if Apple was controlled by the US government... except that your cell phone would probably have the size and shape of a backpack and weigh 28lbs.?

  • Leonardo Ledesma
    Leonardo Ledesma

    frictionless... lol Cody Ko shout out!

  • Brien G.
    Brien G.

    This could legit be shown in an economics class as a starter video. Well done.

  • 龚德飞

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  • Hamad Anwar
    Hamad Anwar

    pause at 5:32 and you'll see the best face he's ever made.

  • Bookshelf

    The issue is that all of apple’s versions of these products are far superior

  • Austin S.
    Austin S.

    Editing on point

  • Fireman Joe
    Fireman Joe

    I wonder if tile used the same example of how the network will slowly strangle them until they are all but forced to sell into apple?

  • Arpan Poudel
    Arpan Poudel

    Top fucking notch content man.

  • Vinod Nair
    Vinod Nair

    Truth is apple is good at copying... But they are the worst in innovation after the death of jobs.

  • Gibran Otway
    Gibran Otway

    They should be hit with anti trust. They should be forced to open up their ecosystem. Or maybe they shouldn’t be getting contracts from the government to build their ecosystem you know

  • Storr 242
    Storr 242

    Apple I way too big and powerful , they been doing this for years love the video.

  • UdhayaSelvan

    Awesome video bro❤🔥

  • Peter Konow
    Peter Konow

    Loved the analogy with shark and remoras. Thanks for such deep introspection of Market.

  • og87

    I don’t feel bad for these companies though. They shouldn’t exist in the first place. Apple should have had these features. Apple should have had a torch, they should have had a brightness setting for warm and cold light, they should have always had a screen double mechanic. I dooo feel bad however for the companies that Amazon do this too because THEY HAVE NO NEED TO EXCIST IN THOSE SPACES!

  • 3rt67n2cs

    Marques, when iPhone first came out, had it been flakey or buggy then it would have not been so popular or moved so quickly to dislodge Nokia & Blackberry from their mantles. Could they have risen to the challenge and remained relevant, maybe, maybe not. Cudo's to Apple for making a 'smart phone' that was a 'must have' and 'just worked'. Yes.., like the iPod it leveraged their own ecosystem to dominate the market but again, cudo's. I'm no fan of monopolies and I'm a big fan of competition, but my take is that 'if' Apple becomes a monopoly it will be because the competition could not keep up, let alone supplant them. Microsoft have been playing catch up for ever and Google have come close but can't seem to pip them at the post... Great video, great questions, keep up the good work...

  • XxdododoosxX

    Holy, this man should do podcasts, I could listen to this for ages

    • qtim

      Check out waveform, its mkbhd podcast :)

  • XxdododoosxX

    does this man have a podcast, cuz this is amazing

  • stephensiemonsma

    It's important to note that Apple doesn't allow any other stylus to have tilt detection, so real high-end competition is not possible. I think that should raise their anticompetitiveness score.

  • Jorge Perez
    Jorge Perez

    It’s a choice, better or not its a choice

  • ju_no_hands

    Really enjoyed f.lux... before the functionality came to the OS itself.

  • New Yardley Sinclair
    New Yardley Sinclair

    Apple watch is so dumb. What's the point. Just use your phone

  • Ryan Christofalo
    Ryan Christofalo

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  • Tejas goyal
    Tejas goyal

    Capitalism my friend

  • Jerry Santoro
    Jerry Santoro

    Whoever does your graphics is a genius

  • Ricechrispy0527

    It's ok for apple to do this, for one reason, they're going to end up burying themselves in the long run. Because I can see android using companies starting to work together more to make a more "simply" connectable ecosystem like apple has but with way more options for price and quality. Samsung is doing pretty good with it so far. There's also Ring and Google home systems. There's more options for watches that connect with everything on the android side. Android is the better option for the people who aren't just using their phone to get on social media.

  • Physics Simulator
    Physics Simulator

    Tbh as an apple user, these things can only be seen as improvements. That make the experience of the user better. I'm glad they're doing it, because once again, to a user like me, this is only an advantage, they're not taking my choice away.

  • Souvik Mukherjee
    Souvik Mukherjee

    SmartTag is a whole lot better than AirTag.

  • honeysafari

    Mate- just wanted to say, I'm watching on a macbook pro 2011 that fell and got bonked on the centre of the hinge, so every now and then a pixel is the wrong colour (especially when I'm watching animated things), and by far your videos on youtube are the crispest and cleanest to watch. Kudos to your filming quality!

  • Traxadel

    my point

  • Tore

    The way Apple creates this kind of eco system might be questionable. But I think it’s extremely fascinating how Apple does that.

  • Marcel Sanromà
    Marcel Sanromà

    What a truly enlightening video. Congratulations on such a deep analysis.

  • T Young
    T Young

    It is not new, we see it in major big box stores like Walmart, Target Costco, CVS, Walgreens, 7/11, Amazon etc they all do it. they see the best selling product in their store system, then make their own competing products and under cut the price of the originals brands.

  • Cinema Scenes 101 bin
    Cinema Scenes 101 bin

    Apple has every right. However, Ive been saying for years that Apple is the douchiest company ever.

  • Alex Perez
    Alex Perez

    "Frictionless" Cody Ko?

  • NotyouAgain! !
    NotyouAgain! !

    Blockchains are the new internet and new tech age wake up internet is being replaced it’s reached its limit so has app development etc in order for phones to continue to become more powerful apps have to be built on blockchains etc

  • M.E.

    What they do should be illegal, it's the same tactic as supermarket vs local shops - you can find everything in one place - "but provided by us (big store chains) , while killing other companies, then we will charge it how we want , and you will pay us because competition it's destroyed". :-|

  • Lazy Ryusei
    Lazy Ryusei

    2:21 😀

  • Dj ussin
    Dj ussin

    evil incarnate !!

  • Chicken Mcnugget
    Chicken Mcnugget

    This is so well explained

  • Lion Work
    Lion Work

    Apple should be given the opportunity to enter whatever market it would like to as they are making user experience better, I do feel the option to choose however often times I do not know of these companies so Apple tapping into these markets is a good thing.