Top 5 Mercedes EQS Features: Electric Luxury!
This is the perfect type of car to go electric... but I'd still rather be driven in this car than drive it! The 2022 Mercedes EQS

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  • Raptor Jesus
    Raptor Jesus

    10hz Screens= Bunz

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Thanks for the review and the alert about the dated Samsung tablet which was a big issue for me. I'll keep my chevy spark until MB matches its technology.

  • rlg222


  • Mackenzie Marceau
    Mackenzie Marceau

    I would rather have the EQS Marques. I currently drive a hybrid but I'm fully conscious of our environment and as soon as I'm in the market for a new car, I'm switching to full electric, which by the way, should definitely be the future of cars.

  • Ixionos

    Engineers: "How many screens do you want on the new EQS?" Mercedes-Benz: "Yes"

  • Naomi

    I would rather have the EQS, with the planet literally burning right now I want to feel like I am not contributing to it so much right now, its an anxiety thing to be honest.

  • Burning Okane
    Burning Okane

    I guess my car is cool it has reclining back seats

  • NonLinear

    the center seat in the car is not symmetrical its a no from me

  • Christian Drake
    Christian Drake

    I would chose EQS because it's more eco

  • Andelu Uledna
    Andelu Uledna

    Other than the software and the screen responsiveness, i was pretty blown away. But my poor ass immediately also thought about how much it would cost to fix those things 😂 it’s cool car tho don’t get me wrong, the joke was funny too lol

  • Game Replays
    Game Replays

    1:46 is that a dead squirrel

  • Arsenio Lampiao
    Arsenio Lampiao

    Anybody else recognized the opening song? Equilibre by Hocus Pocus, what a jam..! and then there is the car.

  • Tuong Le
    Tuong Le

    All car companies technology sucks. Apple next

  • Tuong Le
    Tuong Le

    Luxury car and samsung tablet 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Arthemise

    Dude, I was SOLD on this car after the "Sorry, my engineers were German" joke, really, they outdid themselves

    • Mr. Charles Smith
      Mr. Charles Smith

      Why nazi not funny?

  • Freelance Working Network
    Freelance Working Network

    funny bot just kicked my arse... "Sorry my engineers where German".

  • Jab Hutt
    Jab Hutt

    Yeah, that tablet and UI....laggy, shitty, from mid 2000, is like MB of course, cool to dream about electric version now. Could be a bit more bad ass looking, because honestly, fuck those aerodynamics. Who drives all the time to work and somewhere else at 300km/h, so it would need dynamics like F1. It can just look cool, awesome, bad ass and have decent software, cool features, all the luxury of MB. And be cheaper than Tesla ... :>

  • BK Nwoha
    BK Nwoha

    All these high AI techs will be the reason why SKYNET will become a reality someday.

  • abccbc11

    I would pick the EQS. I have lost all interest in gasoline fueled cars.

  • iBelieveInGod

    Mercedes is not just a car it’s a “standard”

  • PWm


  • iwona holman
    iwona holman

    Electric please 👍

  • KingLoganIV

    Eqs or v12? I'll take a v12

  • gorka rullan
    gorka rullan

    if im not wrong, tsla is using appel soft and is working with appel for software in cars and in the rockets... mercedes is probably using android.. sooo probably Tesla will keep his lead in sowft for a very long time

  • Leonid Stosman
    Leonid Stosman

    The elated connection exclusively appear because poultry collaterally murder worth a lame bat. jittery, giddy comparison

  • Joel Perez
    Joel Perez

    I feel like this could've passed as an autofocus episode

  • A10Pilot

    Cool idea but man the screen interfaces are uber slow.

  • Mustafa Zukic
    Mustafa Zukic

    Marques: Hey Mercedes I'm hot MB: Ok I will decrease the temperature. Me in my used alpha: Hey Alpha I'm hot Alpha: Me too

  • William Stolley
    William Stolley

    Rich people are pampered way too much and way too often. Is this the reward for being greedy? Is this the reward for avarice? So we should all aspire to stabbing others in the back and robbing them of what little pennies they have so we can accumulate more money and afford to buy such luxurious cars that reward our thieving of society. I detest this kind of admiration.


    horrible car lol. How these people think this is luxury with date looks and a spaceship interior, total mystery.

  • GEN2-X

    Give me an AMG gas version of that car and I'd be all set. Not so fun fact....Aston Martin gets Mercedes Benz hand me down tech after a few years. So we know what to expect in Aston Martins in the future.

  • Lloyd James
    Lloyd James

    Don't say it's a shirt. A shirt my @&&. It's a squirrel. LOL

  • Lloyd James
    Lloyd James

    Marques did you run over that poor flattened squirrel (15:36)? I know you did it......LOL

  • Prabaha Biswas
    Prabaha Biswas

    1:51 Is that a dead animal on the parking spot?

  • Mauricio Escolero
    Mauricio Escolero

    It looks like a 2010 Mitsubishi Eclipse😐

  • Darnell Whitfield
    Darnell Whitfield

    I’d rather have the EQS


    The best place in the car is actually in the rear right. It's where the real person sits.

  • Student Doctor Daniel Brock
    Student Doctor Daniel Brock

    Yeah good luck not getting your car broken into😂

  • The Don
    The Don

    I would rather have the EQS tbh

  • Rocky s
    Rocky s

    As an automotive engineer it is a helluva lot easier to improve software then it is to improve manufacturing quality. If i was Tesla I would be shaking in their boots. If I was on Wall street I would be shorting Tesla big time.

    • Rocky s
      Rocky s

      @Bennett Chabalala they will when they're locked out of their car for no reason or when their door handles fall off.

    • Bennett Chabalala
      Bennett Chabalala

      Accept people don't care about those things only Tesla fans brand recognition will still reign supreme

  • Arcade Cool
    Arcade Cool

    Make another video on mercedes avtr

  • Matthew S
    Matthew S

    Oh EQS hands down. Not even remotely close

  • ♡︎ vonggvoteyy ♡︎
    ♡︎ vonggvoteyy ♡︎

    Wow 🤩🌷

  • Richman Chan
    Richman Chan

    Wow this costs around $100k in the US but the moment this in Singapore, I'm guessing it's gonna cost an arm, a leg and my left testicle.

  • Manjunatha E
    Manjunatha E

    You are apple crazy guy

  • Matthew Mitchell
    Matthew Mitchell

    that screen choppy-ness is terrible

  • RogueV_2009


  • Newt The Ripper
    Newt The Ripper

    Beautiful features/ hideous obnoxious paint job

  • Gabriel Vasquez
    Gabriel Vasquez

    That joke another level man!

  • californiaxfresh

    Electric Benz over gas version. Easy

  • NoPlasticChallenge

    The electric version probably easier to maintain than the gas version. I’ll have the electric

    • John Sormani
      John Sormani

      Mercedes will probably find a way to make you pay bigtime for maintenance anyhow . It’s in their system

  • Bhaskar D
    Bhaskar D

    Looks a lot like a model 3

  • Rami Abram
    Rami Abram

    Tesla is 💩💩💩💩

  • Matthew Tuiloma
    Matthew Tuiloma

    Definitely would choose an EQS hands down.

  • John Rington
    John Rington

    I'd rather have a Tesla! Mercedes cannot make software and their interiors are chintz...

  • Ululuro

    It's all fun and games until someone hacks your car because you use an outdated android version on a shitty samsung tablet

  • Alexander Beatson
    Alexander Beatson

    No thanks, I'd rather buy a Tesla.

  • Kibora Kelly
    Kibora Kelly

    Did I miss thee part about the mini HDMI port?

  • גל גולדשטיין
    גל גולדשטיין

    Mercedes B like: Our generation is not fragmented enough. Let's break up the families from the ground and make sure no one has to endure anyone else, even when they sit together. That will probably will make then want more money to ease the internal burn

    • Marques Brownlee
      Marques Brownlee

      Thank you for your comment, endeavor to write as soon for more enlightenment or tips +1...9...0.....9....7.....1...5...5....1...0...0

  • Mro Marcio
    Mro Marcio

    I woudnt have the courage to ask some german device to heat me up.

  • Izhar Husain
    Izhar Husain

    that was the only funny joke I heard form AI

  • Semih Aki
    Semih Aki

    The car looks amazing but that UI sucks especially when you consider that it is the thing that you use the most while driving.

  • Enul lunuwila
    Enul lunuwila

    7.23 carwow profile lamo

  • Eduard Popa
    Eduard Popa

    definitely EQS version !

  • Fatih

    Mercedes: "We can't show the design of the car to the public yet" Mercedes Parking Camera: "Here's how the car looks like"

    • shayma.

      that’s actually the S class that’s shown in the parking view

  • Davii Mai
    Davii Mai

    To me, this kind of software makes the car obsolete on arrival. Hope Google can do something for these traditional car manufactures.

  • weizenobst müsli
    weizenobst müsli

    A girl from my school is designing the seats 🙂

  • weizenobst müsli
    weizenobst müsli

    How shall we deal with climate change, if cars are so sexy to be in?

  • Hari __
    Hari __

    Everything was just superb until I saw that old Samsung tab 😂😂

    • Hari __
      Hari __

      Never expected this from you Mercedes 😑

  • Perla Lamie
    Perla Lamie

    The abstracted shoe iteratively tire because mall characteristically tease above a groovy cocktail. daffy, loving frown

  • Cord Cutter Lifestyle and Tech
    Cord Cutter Lifestyle and Tech

    One day this guy is gonna be a Fortnite character.

  • Henrique

    “I’m increasing the temperature to 69 DEGREES”!

  • Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez

    That background music is very distracting.

  • Wen Mag
    Wen Mag

    The impossible toe unintentionally buzz because aluminum jelly care by a temporary slope. healthy, three heron

  • Marshall Derriek
    Marshall Derriek

    Electric cars are the future if the governments around the planet want it.. if they want other types they will be the future ... regulations and incentives dictate what consumers buy


    Dear MKBHD: Luxury does not mean 5 touch screens. What it does mean is: Smooth and Overroll comfortable ride. One small double din infortainment screen is absolutely enough for this millennium's car entertainment.

  • Marcio Costa
    Marcio Costa

    Petrol !!! Heheh

  • canniestcash 28
    canniestcash 28

    I don't think the future of cars are electric i know the future is electric remember the earth will run out of gas

  • What Ever
    What Ever

    This car is bad so bad

  • Adrian Hochmann
    Adrian Hochmann

    Can you watch videos or Play games on those screens while charging or in general?

  • EDK Playz
    EDK Playz

    The mirror ting is kinda scary like the car is watching all the time

  • Omar Positive
    Omar Positive

    i would have the EQS all day

  • gaming, building and cubing
    gaming, building and cubing

    15:21 uh I'd rather have a tesla model S plaid. But in these two options definitely the electric version

  • Dévine Aj
    Dévine Aj

    Why would anyone dislike this video

  • Marc Lamy
    Marc Lamy

    Great summary comparison with Tesla. I'll take the combustion s-class for now; in two generations, it'll be the eqs.

  • David Howarth
    David Howarth

    Mercedes, please, please, please, do not add a stupid yoke. Electric over gas all day long.

  • Aleksa Alaica
    Aleksa Alaica

    That’s German Engineering.

  • xel el
    xel el

    12:09 dat interior holy shit 😱😱😱👀 Exterior tacky as hell

  • TheTyphoon365

    Its cool but imagine how insanely dated everything inside will be in 8-10 years. Think of screens or tech in cars from last decade to now. Reality is hitting early, as cool as this is. I can only imagine the maintenance when the gimmicks start to break down (the mirrors and tablet were hilarious). The profiles, the seat commands, etc, they will age extremely poorly and will end up costing the owner even more later down the road. Lots of unnecessary stuff to break and stop working. Love the HUD, the seats themselves, and the screens though. Hope you can share your phone screen easily, and some fold out table space would be ideal for the rear passengers.

  • Teo

    such a stupid review, he didnt even drive the car

  • Garry Shinde
    Garry Shinde

    So, nobody has access to it outside of Merc. But I’ve been driving this car for 3 weeks now 😂

    • Marques Brownlee
      Marques Brownlee

      Thank you for your comment, endeavor to write as soon for more enlightenment or tips +1...9...0.....9....7.....1...5...5....1...0...0

  • Shubham Sharma
    Shubham Sharma

    Should add different exhaust sounds to electric cars just for the engine feel 😁😂

  • Anthony U
    Anthony U

    1:48 rip Sinky the Squirrel 🙏

  • David Bowie
    David Bowie

    Does he make a living out of these types of vids

  • Fut King
    Fut King

    The nippy deborah progressively time because number prudently bore save a light stone. distinct, sassy college


    First rule: No food in the car.

  • Pav L.
    Pav L.

    I'd be converting it to run on LPG anyway

  • gamebuster800

    cool, maybe I'll --- oh too expensive

  • whatby101

    Shame about the software. Its difficult for me to want to do anything remotely like self driving while looking at software like that. Even self parking I would be worried it would crash.

  • Phil Marwood
    Phil Marwood

    I hope you can choose a different coloured interior trim ?

    • Daniel

      White interior would get so dirty within a year