Top 5 Android 12 Features: Huge Redesign!
Android 12 Beta on my Pixel 5 is a pretty wild redesign.
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  • zohnyTube

    How to enable colored icons in settings...please? Pixel 4a

  • Trigger Happy
    Trigger Happy

    Finally a phone with a fap mode.

  • Deepa Dandin
    Deepa Dandin

    Change your wallpaper, change your life.woah!

  • zane_2560

    Idk about this. It feels odd and I'm not a fan of it😕

  • doo oouge
    doo oouge

    Clever thumbnail

  • DRK

    Now people don't even care bout android 11

  • p a
    p a

    Do we care except privacy features nope👎

    • Julia Rodriguez
      Julia Rodriguez

      @p a Thank you pa I am flattered are you asking me out 😂 I don’t just go out with random people on the internet 😂😂 Ping me on Facebook we can go for coffee ☕️ and see. Gracias chico 😊

    • p a
      p a

      @Julia Rodriguez Hey Julia thank you 😊 Do you life in California? Me gusta tu foto pareces una tía maja?

    • Julia Rodriguez
      Julia Rodriguez

      @Sukuna You won’t know till you watch the video give the guy a break 😀

    • Sukuna

      Then why you watching


    I don't like him looks like a child made it big bolky buttons. Doesn't look sleek

  • Abdul Khaliq Alezai
    Abdul Khaliq Alezai

    Why iluminati shirt

  • KL_Sincere

    That neutral accent 🖤

  • Alex Nowis
    Alex Nowis

    I cannot wait for this!

  • Nathan DC
    Nathan DC

    Who else thought he was rapping with the first thing he said which rhymed on top of the intro beat still playing 😂😂🔥🔥🔥

  • usman haider
    usman haider

    The android is getting better than alppe not to give hate to them no I am just saying that the android is getting more better and better

  • Luka Lažeta
    Luka Lažeta

    Curious to see it on mine oneplus nord. I mean its already nice looking but ill like to se some good visual change like this😀😀

  • Robert Abramson
    Robert Abramson

    Raise your hand if you think the “privacy” features implemented by these companies actually do anything to prevent your information from falling into the hands of bad actors.

  • michawilke

    Looks awfull

  • Meet The Tech
    Meet The Tech

    👈click here logo to book vaccine with a vaccine tracker bot 💉 ⬅️

  • Whatnoww

    When are people going to notice that iOS also has jank frames?

  • Haroon Rehman
    Haroon Rehman

    Why you're wearing this fucking triangle shirt.

    • Sukuna

      Why you care

  • Weslie Global
    Weslie Global

    Google better let me change/modify that horrible Quick Settings bar to smaller/more icons or I'm seriously thinking about switching to a Chinese OS

  • Techatron

    I use a galaxy j3 and im stucj on android 9 so i dont think ill be getting android 12 until i buy a new phone Edit:by the time i get my lazy ass to buy a phone android 15 will have released

  • T. Hunt
    T. Hunt

    “Everything is different”. “Biggest change” Literally looks just like android 11.

  • Md Hasibur Rahman
    Md Hasibur Rahman

    Did you join Ilumaniti?

  • Kelvin Watse
    Kelvin Watse

    U might not think of Google and privacy in the same sentence very often lol

  • R B.
    R B.

    TSF Launchers be like: "oh...good for you"

  • Barış Can AYDIN
    Barış Can AYDIN

    Boy this is ugly

  • Fresh

    Im on android 8.0 :/

  • devilboy bandy
    devilboy bandy

    Sir am using pixel 2 XL but i need this update.. is thr any way to get this update plz..

  • Phoenix Chivers
    Phoenix Chivers

    Does anyone have that wallpaper in the thumbnail if so please post

  • Cricket24

    Your T-shirt design is disgusting

  • aegon targaryen
    aegon targaryen

    you dont like android at all, do you?? Because you seems very bored when you are talking about android. If its apple you would have hyped up so much!!

  • Steven Guy
    Steven Guy

    7:20 - but balso

  • Ashar

    I'm digging it

  • Keol Zelalem
    Keol Zelalem

    are you part of the Illuminati

  • Popgo

    I love his backdrops, they’re so pleasing to look at

  • Mdhasib khan
    Mdhasib khan


  • NagizaH8

    And I'm still on Android 9, thanks Samsung

  • John Wick
    John Wick

    My note 9 Is stuck on Android 10. :(

  • 取りつかれ!

    Illuminati confirmed...... Unsubscribing

  • AlenWithGalaxy#GalaxyFans

    So here is the fetures of illuminati

  • NorthSoundGaming

    Boost creeps!!

  • doublesman0

    Add option to block app sharing of info like iOS and I’m back in

  • L D
    L D

    larger is for old people, guess we know their demographics

  • Moon Fly
    Moon Fly

    Weird shirt

  • Yash Vlogger
    Yash Vlogger

    My phone's at android 8

  • Nik Neel08
    Nik Neel08

    If MKBHD uploaded the video on 12th, all the 12s would have made even more sense. (12 in Android 12), (12 in the thumbnail ofc).!!! Cheers:)

  • Adarsh Kumar Ojha
    Adarsh Kumar Ojha


  • Singed420SnowinIt

    Still rocking the 2XL, I'd like to upgrade but phones have become insanely overpriced here in Australia, like I'm interested in the pixel 6 but it'll probably cost north of $2k, bit ridiculous for a phone to cost this much. Guess I'll have to wait and see, but the pixel 2XL while great is outdated and no longer receives updates which is pretty bad for security.

  • YouTube Official
    YouTube Official

    It looks so clunky, kinda like iOS 6

  • I'm Mashiur
    I'm Mashiur

    Why are u wering Illuminati t-shirt?? 😡

    • R B.
      R B.

      Cause Satan is King?

  • Christian Gherase
    Christian Gherase

    Android finally realising great design goes a long way.

  • Joshua Morillo
    Joshua Morillo

    On Color OS we also know when an app is using our microphone

  • Raja Andika
    Raja Andika

    Can the Samsung Galaxy M21 Get the Android 12 Update?

    • Raja Andika
      Raja Andika

      Means Samsung Galaxy M21 Can Get Android 12 Update, Brother

    • FAHIM BOSS 3
      FAHIM BOSS 3


  • David Thomas
    David Thomas

    Camera and I'm sitting here watching this video with my phone still having Android 10

  • Anthony A
    Anthony A

    Why are all the new UI's designed by children?? Lol. Looks like its for elementary kids or kindergartners /shrug. Hopefully it will more refined prior to official release.

  • Lokeshwaran V R
    Lokeshwaran V R

    Kill UIs Hail Pure Android

  • Menickc

    I don't like how big everything looks it makes me feel like I'm using something made for kids. I guess I'll have to wait to try it myself but currently my phone is super basic and the design is super simple it's great and I feel like android 12 is gonna ruin that :(.

  • MrMakaveli

    *What's up with the One Eye On Your Shirt? Is illuminati controlling your ass too?*

    • David dixx
      David dixx

      Exactly what I thought too

  • Raj Kumar
    Raj Kumar

    Redmi, Vivo, Realme etc kills all features with there's UI

  • David Jeffries
    David Jeffries

    i like it mostly, besides the large tiles in quick settings pulldown... with more settings being added w/ new ui's or phones, how many scroll right (or maybe down??) will u need o do, to get to final page?? on my s20fe, it's already 3 pages of settings existing

  • Rehan S Senanayaka
    Rehan S Senanayaka

    Hey! illuminati t shirt

  • Septian Kriswinanto
    Septian Kriswinanto

    The wallpaper please

  • Deditzy _
    Deditzy _

    I see the bar is is getting lower & lower for “big changes” with time.

  • T2B

    Hate your shirt..

  • Goutham V
    Goutham V

    Lol Facebook is gonna be soooooooo pissed 😂

  • Pink Portrait
    Pink Portrait

    I like the feature but it looks too blocky it looks annoying. Very similar to the theme I had on my Samsung tablet. But i think increased visibility of settings should be improved on samsung phones. I hope we don't get these blocks on our phones. But again the features seem great.

  • FyreIsBoss

    I absolutely adore android, but ngl this looks so ass compared to ios aesthetically

  • Justice and honor
    Justice and honor

    Almost everything (except for big buttons for quick actions) looks so mi ui and I am not sure if I like it 🧐

  • Hachbee

    Those photos of mac at the background was more interesting than the new changes in android

  • Hiren

    can you do a review or comparison of all low end / mid end android-one phones, thanks

  • Abdul Razak Nuhu
    Abdul Razak Nuhu

    I’m an iOS user but I think this is beautiful , though I can’t give up my iOS I’d get another phone (android of course).

  • Marshmellos Hunter
    Marshmellos Hunter

    I hate the enormous buttons! 😑😒😖

  • Izaan Shamsi
    Izaan Shamsi

    It is brother ❤️ it is fantastic I m waiting for it

  • Paolo Francesco Sorrentino
    Paolo Francesco Sorrentino

    Looks terrible aesthetically. Current version looks professional, new one will make me feel like I'm using a child's phone

  • saber hamdaoui
    saber hamdaoui

    the shirt made me switch my like button to a dislike button

  • Alam Himel BADIUL
    Alam Himel BADIUL

    Why I don't have it yet on my smartphone

  • Monoman

    marques: so whenever you get android 12, you'll be ready my phone that doesn't even have android 11 yet

    • My Real Username
      My Real Username

      @TheRealSMNK VG my brother has an Xperia X on android 8

    • TheRealSMNK VG
      TheRealSMNK VG

      I have 9

    • My Real Username
      My Real Username

      Me who’s barely able to afford a pixel 3:

  • Matej Matyáš Nazaretský, The God Of Water
    Matej Matyáš Nazaretský, The God Of Water


  • Matej Matyáš Nazaretský, The God Of Water
    Matej Matyáš Nazaretský, The God Of Water


  • Corktail

    Yet settings are still not in alphabetical order

  • Totte Lundgren
    Totte Lundgren

    And here I was just thinking of switching to iOS.

  • Ashna Grover
    Ashna Grover

    That quick settings is the ugliest thing I have ever seen

  • HairByJeanLuc

    right now the only thing keeping me with IOS is the apple watch. i just can't work with android watches and i'm not ready to give up my smarthwatch :(

    • Anshul Dogra7
      Anshul Dogra7

      Galaxy watch entered the chat

  • John Gorentz
    John Gorentz

    The privacy feature I want is for Google Chrome to quit pushing news items at me.

  • Gabi Ruta
    Gabi Ruta

    Really love this Beta Stage of 12, but no offense, I hate the Pixel Phones...

  • បណ្តុំមេរៀន Lesson for Khmer
    បណ្តុំមេរៀន Lesson for Khmer

    Thanks for your great showing

  • Parma Productions
    Parma Productions

    Am I the only one that hates the look of some of the UI choices, mainly in the notification/quick settings pull down? I don't know, it just seems like everything's TOO big and chunky.

  • Nikola Zdravkovic
    Nikola Zdravkovic

    Boost creeps !

  • Rishad D'Souza
    Rishad D'Souza

    I'm very excited about the privacy updates. Honestly, I trust Google with my data - they monetise it ethically and in turn give me free LTwhite, free maps and whatnot. But I don't trust many of the other apps with the same data. I'm happy with the increasing transparency in terms of their access to my data.

  • Rishad D'Souza
    Rishad D'Souza

    It's a big change, but there's a slight bit of recency bias in saying that this is the biggest design overhaul, IMO. The transition to material design language from whatever it is they had earlier was a far bigger change, I think.

  • Mecca Farris
    Mecca Farris

    I've stuck with Pixel for a few years now and I like it. It's big aesthetically speaking, but it feels like the step Google has been trying to head with the Pixel series. If anything I like this update as a base for refinement. Hopefully we get size options in the final update, but I do like the bold look.

  • Ankit Aggarwal
    Ankit Aggarwal

    Is it like heafty payment you recieve from the company for only positive things to show up.

  • Ankit Aggarwal
    Ankit Aggarwal

    Why my comments are being deleted of I'm saying sour truth about the companies.

  • Ankit Aggarwal
    Ankit Aggarwal

    Samsung software as there phone are premium but not there software.. they are premium in design but software is slow... I'm one such user using S series phone but there software are slow based on there specs... I think there is no competition and hence the issue.. might be after Google launch phone globally samsung might think about it.

  • Ankit Aggarwal
    Ankit Aggarwal

    Google just save your stock android and be in market at global level.. wanna see you next apple in terms of mobile devices and its features

  • Ankit Aggarwal
    Ankit Aggarwal

    Oneplus once followed a league that we see it as a different company but after the resign of CEO Carl pei.. it's a sinking ship.. it will be next oppo and vivo.. keep watching it... Just for some interest the parent company made such great decision to make it sink...

  • Ankit Aggarwal
    Ankit Aggarwal

    Even the rest of the smartphone company use custom skin.. they have boltware.. adware.. even the MI phone started once with stock android but now they are out of the league... Google come up like a wooh and increase your overall market share... Just have some best designs copied from samsung and go for it

  • Ankit Aggarwal
    Ankit Aggarwal

    Samsung software lags even the premium phone lags whivh have high end performance... I'm using samsung S series smartphone and its software lags.. I don't know why our don't want to resolve the issue might be there is no competitor that have some great performance.. Samsung wake up...

  • Eb

    I'm on 9 😐

  • Lamar Battle
    Lamar Battle

    This guy can't keep iOS out of his mouth long enough to do an Android video.

    • Mad Ty
      Mad Ty