Sony Xperia 1 III: The Ultimate Enthusiast Phone!
Sony's newest phone is both the most impressive and the most niche phone they've ever made.

Why people don't use Sony phones:

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Phone provided by Sony for review.


  • Adu Dadu
    Adu Dadu

    11:47 Dual aperture was in S10/Note10 too. Not just S9/Note9.

  • Reshnu Soto
    Reshnu Soto

    My next phone will be a Sony. My next OLED will be a Sony. My travel camera will be a Sony. I stick to JBL for speakers... Sony is damn good.

  • Nubi Cooks
    Nubi Cooks

    Why do you hate Sony so much?

    • Fantasytky

      Because it's Sony. have to hate it right

  • YC

    Biased review ☹️☹️☹️

  • theteacherinfo

    "Love the "Nitch" pronunciation!!! It's BBC English - "Neeee-sh". How did America ever get great?

  • gk gk
    gk gk

    Naming scheme that makes sense and enough advertising will make sony a big player in the game

  • Farhat Bamadhaj
    Farhat Bamadhaj

    Sony phones are expensive because Sony pioneers R&D which many phone companies copy from and pay lawsuit later. Understand? Sony is bigger than most phone companies lol.

  • Mzukisi Nika
    Mzukisi Nika

    “Enthusiasts” wonder how much Samsung is paying you to downplay Xperia devices. I've just unsubscribed

  • We Play Wax
    We Play Wax

    I was going to buy this, but the buttons aren't enthusiast enough :(

  • Ramashankar Gupta
    Ramashankar Gupta

    Waiting from long time...

  • dr 1v3r
    dr 1v3r

    RU not impressed by Image quality? Check again.

  • Vishal Vaishnav
    Vishal Vaishnav

    If you see my comment send me this phone its crezy and not available in india also not in my budget. 😹

  • E.H. Ehsan
    E.H. Ehsan

    Again & Again same design with a bit new...Sony being disgusting day by day

  • LCM

    Marques Can't accept the fact that Sony Xperia 1 iii is far better than their Samsumg, with ugly notch, no headphone jack, no charger, no memory card slot, 60Hz display smartphones. Easy to see untrusted review.

  • BT Lennon
    BT Lennon

    이 색기는 진짜 답이 없다. 최고이 매니아 폰이래 ㅋㅋ ㅄㅅㄱ

  • Hashim Warsi
    Hashim Warsi

    No unnecessary Only targetting Sony Fans

  • Mark Cowan
    Mark Cowan

    Take a shot everytime he says enthusiast... I'm 💀

  • Marcelo Viana
    Marcelo Viana

    I would buy this phone if Sony didn't stopped selling phones in Brazil.

  • Dynamite Gaming
    Dynamite Gaming

    MKBHD can you please tell me selfie Camera resolution?

  • Joe

    The comments on this video CLEARLY shows that Apple (and Samsung but mostly Apple) is ALWAYS in peoples minds RENT FREE. This video is about Sony, this had absolutely nothing to do with other companies. But when you criticize Samsung and Apple, you’re seen as objective. The tech community is full of hypocrites.

    • first attempt
      first attempt

      Na, thats a stretch.

  • Super T
    Super T

    Still using a phone with headphone jack and can't let go

  • Super T
    Super T

    I wish to buy this one, it's so cool

  • Optimus514

    Great review, I'm sold.

  • BlueYT

    I remembered use to have Xperia XZ1 Compact with 4.6Inch display and still able to split screen to multitasking

  • Small People
    Small People

    Marques brownie is delusional to think this is ‘enthusiast’ or focusing on the wrong features instead of calling out other companies for their delusional abandonment of 3.5mm jacks and lowering the amount of ports on them

  • Wahkeen

    I might buy this phone in 2023 when its not 13k

  • Sony Xperience
    Sony Xperience

    What an enthusiast review !!!

  • David

    This phone needs a minimum of a 5000 battery. 4500 on a always on 4k is unacceptable. C'mon man

  • ibraheem the gaming warrior
    ibraheem the gaming warrior

    Oakamoor Oak House Oak 🌳oak trees 🌳🤣😂😳🎶

  • tigergreene

    Where's the chapter links? Don't be lazy. You have millions of dollars, just hire someone to make chapters.

  • Brian Ladet
    Brian Ladet

    How many times was “Enthusiast” said in this video? 😎

  • Lionel Liew
    Lionel Liew

    Marques, the non enthusiast

  • Daci Marian
    Daci Marian

    I'm quite sure the phone is not 4K all the time but instead runs at 1096 x 2560 pixels except for select use cases (netflix, youtube, gallery) when switches to 4K (i say this while being the proud owner of the 1II)

  • Fzn Alm
    Fzn Alm

    That gay apple wallpaper

  • Anurag Sharma
    Anurag Sharma

    bro why enthusiast so many times

  • Christopher Trollan
    Christopher Trollan

    Nice phone but price high. Sony don't have good market in smartphone industry then why this huge price.I love Sony but I will not buy this at this price.

    • Farhat Bamadhaj
      Farhat Bamadhaj

      Sony phones are expensive because Sony pioneers R&D which many phone companies copy from and pay lawsuit later. Understand? Sony is bigger than most phone companies lol.

    • Roman Shocker
      Roman Shocker

      Having good market won't make the phone better lol, it's about Sony quality, all Sony products cost a lot, they are not Chinese...they are premium company

  • Trashed Up DayDreamer
    Trashed Up DayDreamer

    This would have been THE perfect phone if ONLY it had a bigger battery life. That's such a bummer and semi deal breaker personally for me


    My favorite phone Samsung galaxy a72 plz sent me...

  • Cody Richardson
    Cody Richardson

    I actually want this phone lol

  • Andrew P
    Andrew P

    The autorotate bug would get annoying really fast. I'm constantly rotating my phone. How is that not fixed by now?

    • Roman Shocker
      Roman Shocker

      It's only his phone plus it's not even a release version lol...idk why he has to say it's not a big on his phone lol...

  • King Kirriku
    King Kirriku

    Sponsored by corona bullshit wearing masks

  • niko stark
    niko stark

    sony better than apple and shitsung

  • Shamir Grant
    Shamir Grant

    The camera tech on here is awesome let's get this on good software

  • Shamir Grant
    Shamir Grant

    I love this phone lol

  • Roy

    I wouldn't buy this phone even for 50$

  • Beluga											            																		≈
    Beluga ≈

    Rewind 2018 dislikes are because of you 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 Auto rotation in my xperia 1 iii is fast I love the name too

  • L Bj
    L Bj

    When it's buggin' you Marques it doesn't mean it's a bug 🐞😊

    • Fantasytky

      Sorry. It's a Sony. Hate to roast it even it's a prerelease sw

  • Vardan Rathi
    Vardan Rathi

    How many times do you want to say "enthusiast" ? MKBHD : Yes.

  • Namonai

    Sony is run by an engineering team. They wanted perfection and I think they got it

  • Loc Vu
    Loc Vu

    Look back some model of Sony like Sony Experia showing they just ahead of time. Good productbt but bad marketing

  • andersnus

    Thank god he didn't talk about ethics!!! How dare Sony strive to NOT partner with anyone using child labor for 3 years after finding out about it, or suppliers with suicide nets around the building for horribly treated and grossly underpaid employees... Damn them and their ethics awards and trying to do the right thing.

    • Joe

      All of those was alleged conspiracies against companies’ supply chain. The internet will believe in hoaxes and every headline from “journalists”.

  • Minar

    Please Sony come back to India 😭😭😭 I want this phone 😭😭😭 Please make affordable phones 😭😭😭

  • JSingh _15_
    JSingh _15_

    What about the sony xperia 5iii

  • Daniel Gomes
    Daniel Gomes

    If a DSLR was a phone, this would be it. So, the photo will only be as good as the photographer. If you're pictures look dull it's because you've not taken the time to get the correct lighting or angle. This phone is NOT going to over process your photos like an iPhone and every other smartphone does. It's not going to bring detail out of the shadows using computational photography. If you're lazy and want that, get an S21 or iPhone. THIS phone is for the team Pro photographer who knows what they are doing. Hence the price.

  • Pierre-Jean De Villiers
    Pierre-Jean De Villiers

    That's why I moved away from Sony. Please sony ,keep on making cameras for samsung and apple and make tvs,know your limits!

  • myanswer

    That’s an interesting phone. But you look absolutely ridiculous wearing the mask indoor. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Nayan J baruah
    Nayan J baruah

    Do LEICA LEITZ 1 please ☺️

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person

    I think it's great how MKHD is talking about Sony phones but it's sad how he undersells or omits features only to criticize them when he's just using it wrong. If some of these features were on an iPhone or Samsung he would probably hype it up and actually delve deeper into it.

  • Fabian

    I love Sony JAPAN ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰👍

  • Sonu Rohit
    Sonu Rohit

    My next phone is going to be an Xperia, just so that Sony keeps making these! I have a soft corner for Sony.

  • softtack

    No wonder he likes Doug DeMuro. He straight up gets his facts wrong too.

  • Malik Nielsen
    Malik Nielsen

    Sony xperia 4k hdr display and music app and headphones jack and sd-kort No stupid notch display 🥰✌️ Name is cool you are idiot

  • ayman saggaf family
    ayman saggaf family

    Wow stil has sd card slot

  • Marko Salevic
    Marko Salevic

    how miserable and miserable and limited ... the greatest hater and shame

  • New Mum mo
    New Mum mo


  • Alpzepta

    YESSSS! Best phone in the world is out now!

  • William

    Hey I get a headphone jack and SD card and waterproof with the Samsung A52 5G


    I want that phone...

  • J P
    J P


  • R J
    R J

    Heeeey look, a phone that has a touch screen, camera and lock button. We haven't seen that before. And you can download apps? Mind blown.

  • Habibabdul

    I've been following this phone for months once I saw a specific mind blowing feature (to me anyway) that I am sure will be copied by all major phone manufacturers. This phone rocks and has crazy features. I'm not really into that narrow design but oh well.

    • Pixels

      No doubt about it. Sony's innovations are always copied by other brands. What's worse is that they take all the fame because of marketing. Remember the 3 layer stacked cmos sensor (960 fps)? 3D creator? Bravia Engine/X-Reality engine?

  • Esteban Rápido
    Esteban Rápido

    11:48 the S10 has dual aperture lenses.

  • That Guy
    That Guy


  • Argy Rizky
    Argy Rizky

    I am the real Enthusiast and i need an Enthusiast phone😎

  • Dumb_Bunny

    I want this for 4k 120hz and I've been waiting for it to drop but it's only dropping it seems at select locations? Which makes it hard I can't upfront throw 1300 dollars at it I guess I'll have to wait and see

  • John Gordon Norris
    John Gordon Norris

    I'll Never Buy Another Sony Xperia Phone until they become like almost every other manufacturer and make it possible to change the sides of the Back and recent buttons at bottom of the screen. Sony. You are Isolating yourselves because of this crazy action. Change, or you are Finished.

    • John Gordon Norris
      John Gordon Norris

      @Pixels Really. Where? I've looked everywhere and asked lots of people in phone stores. No one else can help me. Can you?

    • Pixels

      Seriously? You do know that customization of the navigation buttons is baked into Android right?

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    Sony enthusiastically approves this enthusiastic video and the establishsim of M. BROWNLEE

  • Gubben Med Kameran
    Gubben Med Kameran

    It drops down to 1080p/60 if battery saver is on. That auto-rotation is not an issue on my phone.

  • paulo silva
    paulo silva

    Man. Your reviews as fake shows a person with a sony doing a total different experience than yours. I dont think it's fair you being paid by other brands to put down something so good. There is a page that debanks you

  • Non - Universal Beliefs
    Non - Universal Beliefs

    Is that available in India? 😊😅

  • Non - Universal Beliefs
    Non - Universal Beliefs

    SIM card can be ejected without a tool does that make phone vulnerable of thefts

    • Miscellaneous Prime
      Miscellaneous Prime

      @Non - Universal Beliefs well if you're marques fan than slap on his face.

    • Non - Universal Beliefs
      Non - Universal Beliefs

      🤣 I knew that somebody will definitely point it out...

    • Miscellaneous Prime
      Miscellaneous Prime

      Lol wtf did I just read, as if sim card ejector is not easily available in the markket.

  • Victor QuyUy
    Victor QuyUy

    Wish they went with a better design. This looks too safe to the point that it's boring

    • Victor QuyUy
      Victor QuyUy

      @Miscellaneous Prime sorry but not this one. Dont get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of Sony manly industry design. This one is different, in a bad way. Look at the edge... They're clearly struggling between their good old style and their effort to do s.t different

    • Miscellaneous Prime
      Miscellaneous Prime

      They have the most unique design. You can never identify between any other brands.

  • Kolade Ogunmola
    Kolade Ogunmola

    That airport pic reminded me of GTA 😂

  • matex tv
    matex tv

    The Wallpaper is from iphone

  • mxlearner 98
    mxlearner 98

    You obviously like the design @ 2:42 as its the closest to your latest dream phone design, Actually I like similar designs aswell "square and minimalist"

  • Jayakrishnan mk
    Jayakrishnan mk

    Anyway better than China shits . Marque's 😜

    • Miscellaneous Prime
      Miscellaneous Prime

      Even marques is shit.

  • TtotheCFizzle

    That Doug DeMuro reference though

  • Tony Birch
    Tony Birch

    Thanks, that was a really very adequate review!

    • Miscellaneous Prime
      Miscellaneous Prime

      Damm! He is biased towards it. This is the best phone in the market and this Kaalia is selling samsung and iphone. Don't you know he gets paid from samsung on monthly basis. Secret slave of samsung. KAALIA the Marques.

  • Kingdom Within
    Kingdom Within

    I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel Herd
    Daniel Herd

    Why didn't you post this in 21:9? For the enthusiast!!

  • dave jones
    dave jones

    if only apple was bothered about making a phone and not just making something they can call new

  • Dimas Zaky
    Dimas Zaky

    xperia pixel edition will be nice

    • Dimas Zaky
      Dimas Zaky

      or google pixel xperia

  • maarteneh

    I learned a new word: enthusiast...

  • king Godzilla gaming
    king Godzilla gaming

    He is sold out by OnePlus and Samsung 😂😂😂 Horrible review.. It's a high quality premium smartphone Unbeatable phone and also in a perfect price.. R&D teams did good job..

  • Wopr

    Looks modern and I like that. Went from iPhone to samsung. Looking at samsung 21 ultra now but will probably buy this Sony.

  • jiliya jili
    jiliya jili

    The loud environment seemingly untidy because soybean chronologically bounce lest a hungry horn. naive, fretful coil

  • Toyokazu Tsuchiya
    Toyokazu Tsuchiya

    2:41 who cares about a boring design when you are gonna buy a phone case anyway

  • Google minus
    Google minus

    sony stop making phones

  • Fujiwara Chika
    Fujiwara Chika

    Yes, we live in a year where headphone jacks and SD cards are "crazy enthusiast features"

  • Rob

    *Enthusiast* phone... I'm not enthusiastic!

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Parodyk Kamuolį